Our story

Members of the Rare Breeds Society in Canterbury.

Over the last 7 years, we have collected various ‘rare breed’ breeding groups in New Zealand here at Glenlothian Farm.

Glenda joined the Rare Breeds Society in Canterbury March 2013 and is an active committee member, helping with the A & P show animal display and other annual events as well as playing her part in keeping selected bloodlines going.

The last 5 years have been busy meeting and developing relationships largely supported through the nationally recognised Rare Breeds Society, closely associated with Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Some of these breeds have less than 200 units in NZ.

We continue to develop an education park of these unique animals found in NZ, providing an educational experience around these rare breeds and the wide spread Bennetts Wallaby pests.

We also host school and community groups, run craft classes and birthday parties. Please call us on 021 032 8817 to book.


  • Feed the animals
  • Pet the animals
  • Children’s parties
  • Have a picnic or barbeque